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About the DWP

The Department of Work and Pensions is the department mandated to take care of the pensions of the people of the UK. It is the largest department of the UK government handling all matters pensions and other benefits. The department serves over 22 million customers and claimants of pension and disability and ill health benefits. The DWP is a ministerial department and it draws its support from 13 agencies and public bodies. The department provides its services through the Jobcentre Plus, the pension service and the child maintenance service. All these services are essential in meeting the many responsibilities of the DWP.

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The responsibilities of the DWP include; dealing with the causes of poverty rather than the symptoms, providing value for money and reducing levels of fraud & error, encouraging people to work and make work pay, reducing work related deaths and serious injuries in workplaces through the Health and Safety Executive, providing decent homes for people of pension age and promoting saving and retirement and finally encouraging disabled people and those with ill health to work and be independent. These responsibilities of the DWP are very important aspects of any nation. Taking care of the elderly and those with disabilities is important to ensure all citizens of UK enjoy their life to the end.

Why contact the DWP helpline?

The DWP receives numerous numbers of calls in one single day and that is why they have one of the best customer care departments. The reasons for contacting DWP could vary depending on your needs. You may for instance need to know about your eligibility for pensions or your eligibility for some of the benefits under the DWP like the personal independence payments or the Disability Living Allowance. If you have questions about how much you are going to receive in benefits or pension you can also contact the DWP contact. It might also be necessary to contact the DWP if you are a carer of a child and you would like to know how you can claim the benefits given to carers. The reasons are many and the DWP is only a phone call away and your questions will be answered.

Contacting the DWP customer care

The DWP customer care can be contacted by just placing a call to them with the number here. The customer experience expected from the customer care contact centre is one of the best because the DWP has a team of experienced agents who will receive you call and guide you appropriately. Due to the many departments under the DWP, it has a very diverse caller experience with the caller guided and directed to the correct sub department after they follow some prompts. The DWP helpline can be called Monday through to Friday from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The blind and the deaf are also able to contact the customer service through Welsh and other innovations put in place just for them.

What to know before contacting the DWP

The DWP customer care agents conduct themselves in a professional manner and are always helpful to the caller. That being said it is important therefore that the caller be calm when making the call so that they get the best service from the agents. Before you call the DWP helpline make sure that you have all the necessary information with you. This could include your personal details and or the details pertaining to your particular case. For instance, if you are calling the DWP for the DLA benefits then you might need to have the details of your disability and the assessment records ready if any. If you are calling for the pension’s service then you need to have your tax details, insurance number and other employment details ready with you. Being prepared this way is important so that when you get to speak with the customer care representative you will not forget some things before you hang up.

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When should you stop working to get your pension?

There are some set out guidelines on when people in certain professions will retire. The government however advocates that people still work in their old age if they are able to so that they continue being useful and active. If you continue to work in your old age you will not affect your pension.

Benefits for the disabled

If you are disabled but still working, you can still claim some benefits which are meant to cater for your increased care and mobility costs. The PIP is the benefit which is claimed by adults with disabilities. The amount you receive depends on the nature and severity of your disability.

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