How to reach Ryanair customer service helpline number

Ryanair is a company which was established back in 1985. It is located in Dublin, Ireland and is involved in low cost airline work. This company boasts of a fleet of aircrafts to the tune of around 400. All of these aircrafts are responsible in reaching around 192 different locations spread out in the whole of Europe. Also, it has extended its boundaries to start serving Africa alongside the Middle East countries.

A ryanair plane

All of this is an attempt to reach many customers in the wider Europe as well as Africa and the Middle East. In its history, it has been involved in a number of scandals but has been surviving all of them. Some of these scandals derail their operations but they still rise up above all of them. One of them involved its advertising campaigns which came out controversially.

Base of operations

In the United Kingdom, their base of operation is London Stansted airport. In this airport, they have a fleet of 43 aircrafts. All of them are fly in different destinations both large and small European airports. This helps it to enable many of its customer’s access the different parts of the European countries and carry out their daily business.   

Reaching out to customer service helpline

Ryanair has prioritized the interest of their customers which is why they have established a customer service helpline. Through this line, people can be able to reach out for help from the customer service agents who are ready to help. During the weekdays, the helpline is open from 6:00am in the morning to 9:00pm in the evening. However, during the weekends, the lines operate differently. On Saturdays, it is normally open from 9:00am and are closed in the evening at 6:00pm. On Sundays, they are usually open from 10:00am up until 6:00pm.

It is important to know that these hours don’t follow those of banks and even national holidays which may adversely change the hours of operation.

What to consider when making a call?

It is a close possibility that whenever you make a call to Ryanair contact, your line will be placed in the list of others in the queue. This is because it is a busy line which is why you will need to be a little bit patient in order to get someone to serve you. During the call, there will be an automated reception which will provide you with a number of options and instructions on the way to proceed.

If your call has connected, you shouldn’t get impatient and hang up like some people do. When you do this, you will lose your position in the queue and thus calling again, you will have to start again.


Collect all your details together. For instance, if there was any email confirmation that was sent to you, you should have it. Any other relevant details in your passport, addresses, names and anything else which will make the booking process easy. With this, you can be sure that your customer care service agent will serve you with ease and pretty fast. You save both your time and effort as well.

Checking in via online channel

As their customer, Ryanair always encourages you to check in online. You can do this using the information and instructions which have been provided for in the email you received. This is a good way of saving your time. It will also save you some charges that you incur when your boarding pass is printed at the airport. Rather than wait for this, you can simple do-it-yourself since it is a simple process.

The best time for one to check in

There are a number of factors which will influence how early one can check in. For instance, the additional services that you had requested for as well as the type of ticket that you have. If you had purchased a seat in your bookings, it opens up to 30 days (month) before your scheduled flight. It will close not close until it is 2 hours before departure. If hadn’t purchased a seat, check in will in this case will open 7 days before your scheduled departure.

If you have a Business Ticket, you can just check in during the arrival and you will not incur any extra charges.

Dropping off of baggage

Before the departure of your flight, the desk for dropping off baggage will open 2 hours before. It is then shut down about 40 minutes before the flight takes off. It is always important to arrive early and drop your baggage before it is too late. This will avoid inconveniences.

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