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What is the Appropriate Customer Service Contact Number for Universal Credit?

The contact number for Universal Credit is 0844-776-9682. The firm’s website says that calls made to 084 numbers will have a calling rate of 7p/min exclusive of your providers call rates.

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2013 is the year which Universal Credit was established. Universal Credit Antiquated and replaced other benefits provides in the UK. Some of the replaced benefits were Housing Benefit, Child Tax Credit, Jobseeker’s Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance, Income Support and Working Tax credit. Each of these was replaced with Universal Credit. The establishment was one of the largest that was introduced under the Welfare Reform Act. The Act was implemented back in 2012.

So what is Universal Credit? This is mainly a monthly installment or payment that an individual will receive under various conditions. One can receive the payments when they are not working or If they are employed and have a very low income. There are numerous benefits that Universal Credit offers to its clients. To learn more about their services, one can sue their contact number and speak with a customer care representative.

How to Get In Touch With the Universal Credit Customer Care Services

Universal Credit is a reliable establishment. It provides customer care services that are available to clients all days of the week, weekends excluded, so one can get in touch with them between Mondays and Fridays. Customer services are available all day, every day from 8AM to 6PM. With that said, you need to be aware that the hours are affected by national holidays. The contact number provided above is the best way to get in touch with Universal Credit customer care services. The moment you have a problem or question with benefits from Universal Credit, make sure to call this number.

What To do Before you Call Universal Credit

There are certain things that you can do before you call the Universal Credit Contact Number, including:

  • Before one gets in touch with Universal Credit contact, you need to be aware that there is a one calendar period for assessment. The assessment is done before you can receive your payment. If your payment has not yet been processed, it is important to consider the one month waiting period and also an extra seven days.If you have waited past the assessment period, one can call customer care services, if not, one is advised to wait.
  • When you want to get in touch with the benefits institution, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary details. These is important if you already have a current benefit placed with Universal Credit.

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When will one get their Universal Credit payment?

The moment you make a claim from Universal Credit, one needs to be aware that there is a seven day period. One will receive the payment usually after the seventh day of making the claim. The payment is done in arrears. However, if it is your first payment, there is a one month period for assessment. If you are receiving Universal Credit for the first time, you will need to wait for around 5 to 6 weeks to receive the payment.

Is there a time where the seven day period does not apply?

There are certain situations where the seven day wait period is not applied. A few examples include: if one is terminally ill (such a situation is when you are a victim of domestic abuse) or if you are switching over form another benefit to Universal Credit. To learn more about other situations, one can search online or use the Universal Credit number to get in touch with customer care agents.

How much does Universal Credit provide as payment?

The payment one receives from Universal Credit will be affected by certain factors. Universal Credit offers a standard allowance, however it can be changes due to numerous factors. It can be altered if one has dependents, if one is a care giver, disabled or has disabled children. The payment can also be affected by ones savings, and the amount of money earns if they are currently working. If one has savings above a certain limit, their payment can be changed.

These are some of the questions that you can ask Universal Credit. For more enquiries concerning you benefits and payments, the customer services at Universal Credit is ready to always assist you. Any time you decide to call the support staff, make sure that you always have your current details with you so as to make the call an effective one.

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